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Excellence in
Every Dig

Our mission is to deliver excellence in every project we undertake, utilizing our expertise to provide safe, efficient and precise excavations that lay the foundation for successful construction and development.

Services Your Partner, From the Ground Up.

We believe creating a strong relationship with our clients and partners strengthens our ability to deliver excellent results. This is a fundamental aspect of our business and has been a key component in our success.


Improving communities is an important step to building a better future. We pride ourselves in being involved in every step of the process.

• Force Mains
• Hydro and Electrical
• Sanitary and Storm

BL Civil CAT Digging Dirt Construction


Working alongside industry professionals, we focus on preserving, restoring and improving environments while maintaining compliance with regulations and sustainable practices.

• In-Stream Works
• Remediation Excavation
• Habitat Planting
• Offsetting Pools
• Erosion and Sediment Control

Site Prep

The beginning stages are a crucial part to establish a strong foundation and ensure a successful execution of construction, development and landscaping projects.

• Clearing and Grubbing
• Fine Grading and Levelling
• Slab on Grade
• Foundation Preparation
• Parking Lots


Community connectivity starts with the paths we create. Our team brings years of experience in road and sidewalk prep, highways and multi-use pathways.

• Curb and Gutters
• Ditching and Drainage
• Catch Basins and Manholes
• Cut and Fill
• Culverts
• Traffic Management
• Conrete and Paving Works

Equipment for Hire

Maximize uptime and stay on schedule. Our inventory of equipment is meticulously maintained and supplied with experienced operators to support your project.

• Excavators
• Dozers
• Backhoes
• Skid Steers
• Crew and Labour

Bulk/Detail Excavation

We work collaboratively and coordinate effectively for a smooth process to meet the excavation’s timeline and goals.

• Utility Trenching
• Shoring
• Backfill and Compaction
• Spoil Disposal


Demolition requires a specific set of skills to safely and efficiently demolish existing structures and clear sites for new construction or repurposing.

• Structural Demolition
• Concrete Demolition and Recycling
• Site Clearing and Grading
• Asbestos and Hazardous Abatement
• Waste Disposal

Trucking & Aggregates

We have built a strong relationship with our trucking and aggregate suppliers to provide quality service and materials at competitive rates.

• Tandem Dump Truck
• Tandem Dump Truck & Pup
• Tandem Dump Truck & 4 Axle Transfer
• Supply of Aggregates


Our knowledge-based and safety conscious approach is customized for you property’s specific needs. Whether we are demolishing a house or paving a new driveway our attitude stays the same.

• Structural Demolition
• Foundations
• Utility Installation/Tie-Ins
• Pool Excavation
• Driveway Enhancements
• Landscaping Excavation

Companies that we are working closely with.

Projects Our Work Speaks For Itself

We’ve built strong foundations since we started out, but trust is the biggest thing we’ve built in this industry.

    Township of Langley – Fraser Creek Offsetting Pool

    Langley, BC 2023
    • Earthworks
    • Salvage & Monitoring
    • Environmental Controls
    • Bypass Pumping
    • Habitat Planting

    ETRO Construction – SD43 Watermain Upgrades

    Port Coquitlam, BC 2023
    • Water Meter Chamber
    • Ductile Iron Water Main
    • Fire Hydrant
    • Traffic Management
    • Asphalt and Concrete Restoration

    Fraser Canyon Highway #1 – Flood Recovery

    Boston Bar, BC 2022
    • Road Grading
    • Culvert Installations
    • Bulk Excavation

    South Surrey – Residential Property Development

    Surrey, BC
    • Structural Demolition
    • Foundation Excavation
    • Utility Services
    • Storm and Sanitary Tie-In

    Equipment Equipment You Can Count On.

    Equipment matters and these are the brands we trust to support the great work we do. Blackline maintains all of our equipment to ensure they’re ready to work—on our job or yours.

    Our fleet of machines supports all the jobs we do, but we have a lot of equipment. If you need heavy equipment rentals to complete your job, request a quote.

    About UsWe’re Up For A Challenge

    The more challenging the job, the better, because we know hard work pushes us to be the best company we can be. No matter what job we take on—big or small—we’re in it to build something unmatched.

    Join the teamBuild the world around you.

    We strive to create a better life for our team and a company people are proud to work for.  

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